Glentworth Village News


A new agreement, which allows more rural residents the ability to bank at their local Post Office, covers customers of virtually all UK banks. The deal brings together the Post Office's existing arrangements with individual banks into a single set of cash and cheque services. 99% of personal bank customers and over 75% of business customers can now conduct their day to day banking at 11,600 Post Office branches, accessing cash withdrawals, cash and cheque deposits and balance enquiries. Card-based transactions will also enable real-time credit and debit payments into customer accounts. 


Kerbing is to be put on the south side of Kexby Road and drop kerbs are to be sited at the junctions of Chapel Lane/Kexby Road, Stoney Lane/Chapel Lane, and Stoney Lane/Church Street. 


Hard copies of the Glentworth Survey have been completed and collected. There is still an opportunity to complete the form online, until Friday, 23rd June. https.// Updated news will be delivered to each house in July, giving the survey results and outlining the next steps of the consultation, together with the timescale. The working party is delighted with the response to the survey; to date 118 out of 250 have been completed. 


With the hope of getting a younger generation interested in gardening and growing, village gardens will be ablaze with sunflowers this summer, due to our first ever Sunflower Growing Competition for children. They have each received a kit: a pot, some compost, seeds and instructions. Sowing, tending and nurturing has resulted in lots of healthy seedlings, ready for planting out and the race to begin! The children are asking for sponsorship for every cm their sunflower grows. Please give generously if you have a visit from any budding gardeners. All the proceeds will go to Village Hall funds. Judging for the tallest sunflower will take place at the beginning of September. Kirton Lindsey Garden Centre is supporting the project. 


Continuing the flower theme, the recent Tussie Mussie event in the Village Hall was a great success and enjoyed by all 17 attendees. It was a fun afternoon discovering new talents. Choice of blooms send special messages relating to constancy of love, gallantry, trustworthiness, love and marriage and fidelity, friendship and affection. Talking Bouquets are becoming fashionable again, a trend set by Kate Middleton at her wedding. Another opportunity is planned to learn luxury wreath-making on 3rd December. Details will follow.


The weekend in May when Glentworth Church was open, decorated and manned for visitors proved as popular as ever. The Wray Memorial never ceases to impress our visitors, who came from far and wide. It is an edifice more likely found in a cathedral than a small country parish. Just over £100 was raised towards the maintenance of the building. Ivan and Wendy Annibal very much appreciated gifts of flowers and cakes, and help with the stewarding.